I left the flooring in the bedroom as they were, because honestly we were running out of time at this point, so I decided to cut my losses and work with it. I painted the entire room this dove grey and embraced a dark, moody boudoir vibe. I fixed mirrors on the wall of wardrobe shutters, which gives you the illusion that the room is double it’s width and makes the room feel HUGE… also how many mirrors is too many mirrors really? My mother-in-law co-owned a company where they custom-made blinds and window treatments and she gave us these beautiful black silk ones which created a sort of headboard for the nondescript metal frame bed. The mid-century side tables add warmth to the space and I created a black and white gallery wall of our pictures together to make the room feel more personal.

 I don’t like for a space to look contrived or predictable. I use decor in unexpected places, like having plants in your bathroom or bar, or to hang art in places you wouldn’t normally- like behind a door or leaned against a wall. I feel like the lighting is just as important as the furniture while decorating a space. That and fresh blooms. I always snip some sprigs from the garden and they make great decor pieces. Styling infuses a space with so much personality, it completes a room beautifully.