One of the biggest challenges in the apartment was its really long and linear layout, so the zoning of spaces became quite unnerving. I used furniture and art to help with that. The sectional couch was the anchor piece and almost created an invisible line to demarcate the living area. I then chose to place a large round coffee table off of that so that circulation is a non issue, and a credenza (which doubles as a shoe rack and a tv unit) opposite it to balance the room, which my carpenter made for me. We painted it a glossy white so it disappears into the wall and doesn’t feel like it is encroaching into the thoroughfare. I placed a small chair to wear your shoes by the door and made that a small moment as well. The rug is a Sham Ahuja hand-me-down, that had been marinating in flood water for a couple of months, but we managed to salvage it and i feel it brings the right amount of colour into the room.